Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting sites
The key goal of the team is to destroy the enemy completely with the passing performance of certain tasks, the goal is set for the team when choosing a specific type of map. The goals of the game can be quite diverse, in many ways they depend on the chosen location:
These are classic time-tested maps, it is on them that various esports competitions are held, the task here is only one - the installation of explosives (bombs). The terrorist team lays a C4 charge at a certain point, to successfully complete the task, you need to wait until the bomb explodes while simultaneously fighting off opponents in the person of special forces who will try to storm the point. The side of counter-terrorists (special forces), protects all points where it is possible to lay a bomb. In that case, if the bomb was installed, it should be defused.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting sites
The essence of such locations is the release of hostages from points controlled by terrorists. The special forces need to storm the facility without causing any harm to the hostages, and then bring all the survivors to the evacuation point. For each killed or wounded hostage, the player who fired the shot will be charged a fine in the form of a certain amount of funds. In the vast majority of cases, events take place in a random building on the map, it can be a house or a warehouse in which a team of terrorists hides hostages. The task of the terrorists is to fend off enemy attacks and, of course, not to let the hostages be taken away.
The smallest type of locations in the game, one of the players randomly becomes a VIP person, which one of the teams must safely deliver to the collection and evacuation point. Most of these locations are made in the form of narrow tunnels with a minimum number of holes, but there are also quite extensive locations. The player who was chosen by the VIP immediately receives a triple reserve of armor, it is issued at the very beginning of the round, as well as he can not use any of the weapons presented in the game.
You can play CS with both bots and real players. CS GO is currently one of the most popular network shooters in the world. Every player who has decided to get used to CS GO, should do only two things well – navigate different locations and skillfully handle the selected type of weapons. During the process of improving skills, the player is continuously improving, advancing to the honorary title of master. In addition to a good reaction and knowledge of maps, you also need to think in the counter, which is why it is often called a "tactical shooter", and not a banal "shooter".