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Personal sponsors of players are common abroad, but this is not yet practiced in our country, so it is impossible to add "sponsorship contracts" to the income of players. The sponsors' money goes to the development of the organization and form the salaries of the players. This does not mean that the conditional 100 thousand dollars are simply divided into five esports players. The expenses of the organization consist not only of the salaries of the players, but also of the payment of the training base — "bootcamp" - the staff of the team (SMM department, production and others), the payment of flights, relocations and a dozen other items.
You can read about esports betting
If you don't want to become an assault rifle star and a fireball master, but are ready to assemble your team, there are two obvious solutions:
Look for inexperienced, but promising enthusiasts and raise stars out of them.
Immediately invest in the sponsorship of already established players.
Guys "out of nowhere" play for fun or for the sake of their ambitions. They have low demands, and you will have enough minimal investments to pay them symbolic salaries or just provide a training base. It is important to understand the motivation of each team member from the very beginning and pay attention to the selection of people. Players who know how to do something, but do not want to grow — a bad option.
The path to success will not be fast. Depending on the talents of athletes and the money that will be invested in their development (tournaments, training facilities, equipment), it may take several years for sponsors to pay attention to you.
Most likely, the first contracts will only be enough to cover the costs of the team, but participation in major tournaments and the development of the fan community will help the business get on track.
The second way is to buy a professional team, brand it if necessary and develop it further.
Both models of entering the professional arena are perfectly illustrated by the history of Winstrike. The team became a sensation at the last The International, the largest Dota 2 World Championship.